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miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

Charlieissocoollike' fandom gets bigger

Girls on tumblr always put gifs and pics and write about some boy called Charlie McDonnell... I was like WTF who the hell is this guy?. SOOOOO I said to myself lets google it!! And, of course, I found him. Google loves me. I started watching his videos and I can say they are quite addictive

To the ones that are not familiar to this pretty face right here, I'll inform you. He's a teenage boy that's likes recording himself talking to a camera and submiting that videos to YouTube. Although it sounds a bit boring, he is very entertaining and he always has a good topic to speak about.

As I have no better thing to do than listing the things I like about Charlie, here you are:: he's funny, original, creative, nerd, English, did I say funny?, red haired, handsome, has an iPad, has an beautiful accent, he thinks Bella is stupid, loves Pixar, laugh about himself, he likes video games, perfect teeth, talented, likes The Beatles, non smoker, plays instruments, sings well, reads books, he's nice, adorable, sympathetic, charming and stuff I’m too lazy to write.

I’ve been watching all his videos one after the other since yesterday and... he’s awesome, I‘d like a guy like him by my side but well it is what it is. Thanks to all Charlie’s fans that I follow on tumblr for introducing him to me!

“You've just had the almost imponderable joy of watching charlieissocoollike, which makes you like cool.” I love this last part :P

Where to find him:


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